Witchcraft Trials

Back sometime in the 1400-1500’s women who were accused of being a
witch were brought to do some test.
Some of these test were designed to test the guilt or innocence of the witch
such as:

Swimming- in which involved tying the accused hand and foot and
throwing her into deep water, if she sank it was a sign that God’s creature
water accepted her, and she was deemed innocent and hauled ashore. If she
floated , the water rejected her, and she was judged guilty.

Pricking- people thought witches had insensitive spots on their
bodies where the Devil had marked them. Sometimes these Devil’s marks
were visible as a scar or mole, but sometime they were invisible and could
be detected only by pricking the accused all over with a sharp instrument
until such an area of insensitivity were found.

Witches’ Mark- The witch’s mark is quite distinct from the Devil’s
mark, was any unusual protuberance on the body that could conceivably
be considered a supernumerary teat that the demons might suck in the
form of familiars. Witches were stripped and searched minutely for any
sign of their traffic with evil.

Test of faith- the accused would be made to recite the "Lord's Prayer"  without error. This includes stumbling, or stammering. it had to be perfect in "gods eyes".


These were only some of the tests they had up their sleeves. It was mostly women who were accused and executed during these trials.

With that said I too have executed some images for your viewing pleasure (pun intended)