Witchcraft Trials

Back sometime in the 1400-1500’s women who were accused of being a
witch were brought to do some test.
Some of these test were designed to test the guilt or innocence of the witch
such as:

Swimming- in which involved tying the accused hand and foot and
throwing her into deep water, if she sank it was a sign that God’s creature
water accepted her, and she was deemed innocent and hauled ashore. If she
floated , the water rejected her, and she was judged guilty.

Pricking- people thought witches had insensitive spots on their
bodies where the Devil had marked them. Sometimes these Devil’s marks
were visible as a scar or mole, but sometime they were invisible and could
be detected only by pricking the accused all over with a sharp instrument
until such an area of insensitivity were found.

Witches’ Mark- The witch’s mark is quite distinct from the Devil’s
mark, was any unusual protuberance on the body that could conceivably
be considered a supernumerary teat that the demons might suck in the
form of familiars. Witches were stripped and searched minutely for any
sign of their traffic with evil.

Test of faith- the accused would be made to recite the "Lord's Prayer"  without error. This includes stumbling, or stammering. it had to be perfect in "gods eyes".


These were only some of the tests they had up their sleeves. It was mostly women who were accused and executed during these trials.

With that said I too have executed some images for your viewing pleasure (pun intended)




San Francisco/Friends/Nightlife

I've been to San Francisco a couple of times and they have all been different experiences.

I went by myself once in college and stayed in a hostel where I met people from around the world and went to different pubs.

The second time I went with my boyfriend and it was very relaxing and beautiful. We rented some bikes in Haight Ashbury and biked around the park.

This time around I brought my boyfriend and two friends. I wanted to show the joy and and beautiful places the bay has to offer. Although our flight got delayed 3 times and canceled once, we managed to get most of the things off our to do list.

Here are a few recommendations.

Hi San Fran City Center Hostel- I will always stay here for my visits in San Fran. They have great accommodation with great prices and an amazing staff. The hostel decor is just beautiful. Don't expect it to be a hotel because it is not, but I love stying here because of the people you come across who are traveling.

Bourbon and Branch- if you want to experience a true speakeasy. You will need to make a reservation in advance and when you arrive, you will see nothing but an abandoned place and you will have to figure out how to get in.

North Beach- there are a bunch of bars here so it's a great nightlife. Vesuvio cafe has always been a favorite of mine. It started in the "Kerouac et al. amid Beat-era".

Castro- Just start walking and if you hear music just go in. I went here after a couple drinks and started bar/club hopping. I felt like dancing. I met great people with great vibes.

Don't forget The Citylights Bookstore, Golden Gate Bridge, Fishermans Wharf and all those great touristy places. 

Here are some photos for your pleasure.

(All shot in Canon 6D with a Holga Turret Kit Lens-Minimal editing)

The Landsby and Santa Ynez

My trips up the 101 coast of California are always a pleasure.

For Valentines day, me and my man candy had the pleasure of experiencing a relaxing and beautiful stay in Solvang.

We booked a room at The Landsby hotel, a modern twist to traditional Scandinavian aesthetic decor. 

When you walk out you are automatically greeted with shops and eatery's that have taken Danish form. You are welcomed to Solvang/Santa Ynez Valley

In this Gallery you will find some photos at my stay at The Landsby Hotel (http://www.thelandsby.com)

Bridlewood Winery

A little town called Los Olivos





Two people, dressed in fashion without definition.
Who is who and what is what in a world that for so long has demanded definition of what is
supposed to be. Society is changing and we the people are what don’t want labels yet there
are so many. We are our own worst contradiction. I believe it’s not good or bad, it just is
what is. There will always be judgment because that’s who we are as people and I think we
need that so generations to come can have something to rebel against and change what you
see and have something to say about it.
Fashion is what we want to make it.
People need fashion in order to make bold statements and fashion needs people in order
to create those bold statements.


Happy Place

Smack down in the rubble and heart of Downtown LA we found happiness in a nutshell. In a society where selfies dominate and getting "the perfect picture" is a high praise, I managed to snag some tickets to a place where they DEMAND you bring your camera, take some selfies, and have fun. Here are a few photos that accurately depict my emotions in each scenario, (don't mind my serious face in that one photo..oops!)






Awakening the inner girl

Just recently I photographed a shy tomboy girl who wanted to break out of her shell and awaken her inner feminine side. I told her no problem. I grabbed some heels, a pink dress and some mascara and created some magic. Up until she saw herself in the photos, she never knew she could really embrace her feminine side. She tells me she loves them almost everyday. She sees herself in a different light. This shoot was more than bringing her girly side out, it was about confidence and owning your body, and she definitely did that once we started cranking some Rihanna and owning it in the studio. 




Gavin Scott

Check this out guys. Gavin Scott is this super cool dude whose a broadcaster and a writer and who's went on to do sooo many cool things, don't believe me just check him out here : http://gavinscott.co/about-me/

I got to meet and work with him and shoot some of his work and we got to talking about it, each one of his pieces is unique and each one is it's own time machine. I visited his home in Santa Monica and he showed me around and I got to see what he has on the works. Here are some of the images I shot of his work that was formerly show at the Lois Lambert Gallery.

Busy Bee

Hey guys! Happy Holidays! Im a little late, but here's the update. Been working on a bunch of new stuff, and way more to come! Excited for this new year to come! I recently went to visit a friend in Maine and let me tell ya, It was winter wonderland. So beautiful , and with that said. I also took a bunch of new photos that I am currently editing. Here is a photo I took of a cemetery covered in snow. I was noticing that bunch of tombstones dated way back to the 1600-1800's, so much history and getting to walk through someone else's memories. A bunch of cute cemeteries are scattered through Maine, and here is one of them. Named "Maple Grove Cemetery"

More pics to come guys!!


First Post

I'm bad with introductions. Even on first dates. Someone once told me, "just say it, just say it straight to the point, think freely." Here I am thinking freely and cutting straight to the point. New website, new adventures, new photo shoots, and great goodies coming to anyone who is interested. Come one, come all. This upcoming year will be busy and fun. I've been exploring with my film cameras more and seeing what kind of cool concepts I can play with using these fun toys. Here are some photos I took using a Holga 120. I wanted to take a break from the digital and go analog a bit. I couldn't wait to get these photos back once I began to shoot. Glad I did. (You can see the digital ones in WORKS l)